by Ellen Siberian Tiger

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released March 12, 2013

all songs written by Ellen Siberian Tiger
recorded and produced by Taylor Nordberg
album art by Seph Hamilton
featured musicians: Jon Cox, Marny Lion Proudfit, Emily Dennis



all rights reserved


Ellen Siberian Tiger Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ellen Siberian Tiger is a 5 piece feminist indie rock band with orchestral and punk influences currently based in Philadelphia, PA.


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Track Name: I Played God
You taught me to play God.
(It’s not what it sounds like.)
My outline blurs into yours,
And this fits with our previous discussions of molecules.
Did you wanna, did you wanna,
Did you wanna fit inside my ribs?

Sheets are the same
But the mattress is different.
Time’s fast, speak slow, you stay, I’ll go.
I can’t remember,
It feels like the first time.
Did I wanna, did I wanna,
Did I watch them ink your wrist?

It’s important that we remember
what was said
when we talk to each other
each reassuring the next.

Eyes shaking you see in color
Like the moving pictures I’d seen.
I never could seem to understand
The things you try to explain.

Next time I won’t leave you guessing.
Next time I swear I’ll speak up.
I won’t succumb to the pride in my head
Or the hurt in my heart.

But there’s longing in my skeleton.
Track Name: Oranges
If you peel that skin, if you taste that flesh
It’s not the citrus you’d expect.
But it touched your lips and it burned your tongue
And it’s not how you had sung before.

Citrus of a fruit you thought you knew,
But the sickness is in you.

What the hell is wrong with me
And what am I to do?
(sickness is in you)
They never told me I was gonna be
Somebody no one knew.
(sickness is in you)

People passing by like they don’t have time
I’m not brave enough to smile anymore.
And you tell me things and I think you lie,
But I don’t have proof (and I don’t want it).

Kinda makes you wonder if you are the only one.
(I don’t want the proof.)
Tell me, do you really think they care for what I’ve done?
(I don’t want the truth.)
Track Name: One Rainy and Windy Day
You don’t ask the sky to fall,
You just love it ‘cause it’s blue.
You don’t ask the stars if they could please come down to you.
You don’t ask the clouds to hold you
On a cold winters night.
And that’s why the sky and I, we get on alright.

But you are not the clouds babe,
And you are not the stars.
Although from your perspective
It seems I don’t know what you are.
I’m not trying to change you,
I’m not trying to force your hand.
I’m just looking for something that the sky wouldn’t understand.

But if you are the heavens babe,
Then I’m earth.
And we’ve been trying very hard to make them meet.
But no matter how tall I seem to grow,
No matter how hard we get the winds to blow,
Your blue is higher than my leaves.

One day you tried to touch me,
Tried to reach out your hand.
The embrace was made of water
And rain, it touched the land.
And the earth it did what any earth would do
On a rainy and windy day.
All my flowers were washed away.

I did cry and you did weep
When we saw what we had done.
You withdrew your wet embrace
And brought out the sun.
And it dried me up and it burned me good,
But I didn’t know what to say.
The sun is warm but it shines from too far away.
Track Name: Time
Done, what’s done is done, what’s said is said.
My lips are blue, your hands are red.
‘Cause it’s my heart you’re holding.
Yeah, my hands left frozen.
And I won’t ask you favors.

Lost, it seems we’ve lost what used to sing.
I used to feel, you used to think.
About the words unspoken,
And my hands you’re holding.

Now’s the time to figure out
What is yours, what is mind and what is ours.
Never has there been a time
When what is true and what is good for you
Has been so hard to find.

The blue that’s in your eyes is in your heart,
In your cold feet and in your arms.
What are you thinking?
I won’t ask you anymore.

The love I have alone is made of steel,
No bleeding heart, no warmth to feel.
But I feel something
Coming for me.